Try Yes To Coconuts

If your skin’s feeling tight or showing up more fine lines and cracks, you might be in need of rehydration. Get some deliciously hydrating natural goodness that lets your skin shimmer and shine with the subtle scent of summer.

What causes dry and dehydrated skin?

These skin problems might go hand in hand, but they’re actually caused by different things. Dry skin generally happens if your skin isn’t producing enough oils (or sebum if you want the proper name). It tends to run in families and can be made worse with hot showers or in warm climates. Dehydrated skin, as the name suggests, is all about lack of water content in the skin. This can be for a number of reasons, from having too much sun to drinking too much alcohol.

Try Yes To Coconuts

We’re used to seeing coconuts on tropical islands, but this drupe (Fun fact: it’s not a nut or a fruit!) is ultra-hydrating and restorative for dry skin. We use coconuts in our products because they’re an excellent natural moisturiser that can gently penetrate into the skin to restore, hydrate and lock-in moisture.

Coconut is a natural, soothing cleanser – ideal for providing deep hydration

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