Try Yes To cucumber

When you have sensitive skin everything you put on your face can make it feel red, angry and raw. Try these cool-as-a-cucumber natural ways to nurture and cleanse. Fresh takes on the oldest beauty trick in the book.

What causes sensitive skin?

There are a few signs of sensitive skin that are hard to ignore. Your skin might be reactive to certain skincare products, fragrances or household cleaners or you could have very dry skin that is sometimes red or prone to rashes. Skin can flare up for a number of reasons. Skin disorders or allergic reactions, such as rosacea, can make pimples and pustules appear. While exposure to certain environments, such as excessive wind, heat or cold, are sure to increase your skin’s sensitivity.

Try Yes To Cucumber

Cucumber. Great in salads, amazing on skin! These chilled-out veggies have the power to soothe, cool and calm skin due to their high natural water content. Full of rejuvenating vitamins A & C cucumbers leave the skin feeling fresh. Ascorbic and caffeic acid also help to reduce puffiness and water retention to calm sensitive skin. We’ve managed to squash all the goodness of this amazing ingredient into our gorgeous natural skincare range.

Cucumber is 96% H20 making it the cleanest, least irritable ingredient for sensitive skin

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