Yes To watermelon

You’re one in a melon! Get that dreamy, dewy complexion with Asia’s hottest beauty secret.  Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, the watery goodness of this on-trend ingredient will make your skin feel fresh, fruity, and fab!

What causes dehydrated skin?

Dehydration means your body is losing more water than it’s taking in, but it can also be caused by your environment. Working in an office with air conditioning and hot weather can strip our skin of moisture. Even things you do without thinking every day, like taking a hot shower or having a late night, can create a dry, desert for your thirsty skin.

Say Yes To… Watermelon

We’re used to reaching for Watermelon on hot, sunny days when we need to feel refreshed. Well, as a fruit which is 92% water, this is also the perfect ingredient to deliver moisture to your skin. Bursting with vitamin A, C and E, which rejuvenates skin, and antioxidants to calm inflammation, this incredibly hydrating and cooling ingredient leaves your skin brighter, smoother and fresher than ever.

Watermelon is a sweet antioxidant, full of mineral and vitamins – magic for all skin types!

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Take some cucumbers and tomatoes, chuck in a couple of friends and some Californian sunshine and what have you got? The beginning of a brilliant adventure using the power of freshly farmed ingredients to launch the fastest growing natural skincare brand.

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We want to inspire people to take ordinary life moments and make them extraordinary by smiling more and saying YES at least once a day! That journey begins when you say Yes To natural skincare – 100% free from toxic ingredients, made for real people who want real results.

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