We say yes to innovative, natural, fun and efficacious beauty solutions from head to toe, free of the nasties and filled with the goodies.


Yes To products work because we never compromise. Our products are always 100% free of toxic ingredients and 100% filled with love and laughter. They are at least 95% natural, free of parabens, and made with recyclable materials (keep mama earth happy!)


Yes To makes you smile (read our packaging!) We want to inspire people to take ordinary life moments and make them extraordinary by doing two things:
a) smiling more (let’s see it!)
b) saying YES at least once a day!


Yes To believes in giving back.  We work with a number of charitable organisations including Beauty Banks who provide heath, beauty and toiletry products to those living in poverty in the UK.

Our Story

Once Upon a Time

Yes To was created in the US in 2006 by two friends from California who wanted to create a super-natural beauty range that was made from fruit and vegetables.  Their vision was to develop a range that worked with proven instant results, guilt-free, affordable and free of all known nasties.  Yes To is now the fastest growing natural beauty brand in the US and No.1 in masks outselling L’Oréal!  Yes To is now a global leader in natural beauty products, with award-winning formulas and unique collections, that can be found in 10 countries globally and over 27K+ stores across the world.  Yes To has offices in Pasadena and London.

Yes To is available in UK, US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Turkey, Holland, Finland, Ireland, France and Belgium.  We will be launching into more European markets in 2019.