Say bye bye, blemishes!

Too much chocolate, a stressful day at work, hormones or wrong skincare & cosmetic products can all cause breakouts even if your skin is not prone to them. I do not suffer from blemishes regularly, but any changes in my carefully crafted routine can trigger a breakout.

As a makeup lover & skincare enthusiast, I often find myself trying out new, exciting products, and, even though I find it fun, my skin does not enjoy it as much. Oh, the amount of times I have woken up with a small spot (or two!) after trying out a new foundation, or a new face cream! But worry no more, there is a perfect routine to get rid of any blemishes and clear your skin in no time!

As a person who wears a significant amount of makeup, I always make sure I use facial wipes to take it off at the end of the day. Yes To blemish facial wipes are perfect for this occasion, as they serve a dual purpose of removing makeup & clearing the skin. The wipes contain salicylic acid which is a crucial ingredient that helps unclog the pores & clear the blemishes.

The next step, in my opinion, is the most crucial step in anyone’s skincare routine. Regardless of your skin type – cleansing should be done daily. The Yes To Charcoal Deep cleansing scrub is my favourite product to use at the moment! Charcoal purifies your skin, while the built-in brush helps with gentle exfoliation. As my skin tends to get oilier in summer, I use this product first thing in the morning to remove any build-up and as an extra step to deep cleanse after removing my makeup.

When my skin is having a tough time with breakouts, I usually turn to peel off masks. They clear the pores, remove dead skin cells & reduce shine on your face. Yes To Detoxifying Charcoal peel off mask is the best option to remove any leftover impurities. This mask penetrates the pores which helps prevent blemishes from appearing. I tend to use this mask once or twice per week as excessive use of peel off masks can dry out your skin (and we do not want that!).

As an owner of an oily T zone, I find blackheads to be a constant nuisance. I have struggled with this issue since I was a teenager & I am happy that I have finally discovered a great product that helps unclog the pores & reduce their appearance. Yes To 2-Step nose kit is a real lifesaver! A charcoal cleanser with a cotton swab helps cleanse & open pores in a targeted way. Then the charcoal nose strip removes any oil or dirt, leaving the nose area clean & blackhead-free.

The last, but definitely not the least, is a little miracle product – Yes To Triple Threat blemish treatment. It is amazing in helping fight unexpected (and unwelcomed!) pimples. Consisting of three powerful blemish-flighting ingredients: charcoal, sulphur & witch hazel, it helps reduce the appearance of pimples & keep the skin clean. Dab the cotton swabs in the solution, put it on a pimple and leave it overnight. You will wake up to clearer skin