What product suits your skin?

In the morning, my skin feels…

  1. A: Dry
  2. B: Oily with visible blemishes
  3. C: Dull & Rough
  4. D: Soft, but needs freshening up
  5. E: Dehydrated and sore
  6. F: Congested

Throughout the day my skin becomes…

  1. A: Tight and/or rough
  2. B: Oily
  3. C: Dull
  4. D: A bit dehydrated
  5. E: Irritated/stingy/sore
  6. F: Bump and uneven

At the end of the day my skin is…

  1. A: Dry and/or itchy
  2. B: More oily
  3. C: Less than radiant
  4. D: Dehydrated
  5. E: Red/inflamed/sore
  6. F: Dirty

After wearing heavy make-up my skin is…

  1. A: Very dry
  2. B: Shiny/greasy
  3. C: Ghost-like
  4. D: Less supple
  5. E: Flushed/angry/sore
  6. F: Clogged up

Do you struggle with blemishes? If so, what kind?

  1. A: No
  2. B: Yes -I have blemishes all the time
  3. C: Rarely-but they usually go after a couple of days
  4. D: Very rarely
  5. E: Yes- I get hormonal blemishes every month
  6. F: Yes- my pores are always clogged, and I have visible blackheads

What would you like to improve most about your skin?

  1. A: More moisture/hydration
  2. B: Balance oil
  3. C: Smoother and more glowing
  4. D: Firmer
  5. E: Reduce fine lines
  6. F: Clear Pores

If you answered mostly A’s…say Yes To Coconuts

Skin can start feeling tight or show up more fine lines and cracks when you’re dehydrated. Dry skin tends to be itchy, flaky and might feel rough to the touch. Coconuts are an excellent natural moisturiser that can gently penetrate the skin to restore, hydrate and lock-in moisture. For dry and dehydrated skin we recommend Yes To Coconuts.

If you answered mostly B’s…say Yes To Tomatoes

If you usually suffer with blackheads, spots, and acne, you most likely have naturally oily skin which is more prone to breakouts. Rich in Lycopene – a potent antioxidant – and Salicylic Acid – brilliant for regulating oil production, tomatoes can help unclog pores and reduce breakouts. For blemish-prone skin we recommend Yes To Tomatoes.

If you answered mostly C’s…say Yes To Grapefruit

When skin loses its natural glow, your complexion may look dull, lifeless, and uneven. This is usually because dead skin cells have been allowed to build up on the surface. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, Grapefruit is naturally brilliant at exfoliating, detoxing, and brightening your skin. For dull and uneven skin we recommend Yes To Grapefruit.

If you answered mostly D’s…say Yes To Watermelon

If your face sometimes feels a bit tight, especially after showering, you most likely have slightly dry skin. Bursting with vitamin A, C and E, which rejuvenates skin, and antioxidants to calm inflammation, watermelon hydrates and cools leaving your skin brighter, smoother, and fresher than ever. For slightly dry skin we recommend Yes To Grapefruit.

If you answered mostly E’s…say Yes To Cucumber

Skin that reacts to certain ingredients or is red and prone to rashes puts you in the sensitive camp. You might find that your skin easily flushes or often stings or burns when you apply different products. Thanks to high water content, cucumbers soothe, cool and calm skin. Ascorbic and caffeic acid also help to reduce puffiness and calm sensitive skin. For sensitive skin we recommend Yes To Cucumber.

If you answered mostly F’s…say Yes To Charcoal

People who have clogged pores tend to have visible whiteheads and blackheads. If this sounds like you, your skin is likely to be slightly congested. Charcoal is ideal for detoxifying pollution exposed, tired or dull skin. It acts like a powerful magnet to draw out impurities and fight the daily, toxic overload on your skin. For congested skin we recommend Yes To Charcoal.

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