Why we’re cuckoo for Coconuts

Since working in skincare I’ve realised the importance of looking after your skin and which ingredients best suit different types. I’ve always suffered from dry, irritable skin, due to having eczema, so I have to be very careful when trying new products. After experimenting with many different brands, I’ve finally found my favourite with Yes To.

I researched a lot into the brand and learnt their Coconut and Cucumber ranges would be best suited to my skin type and as their products are 97% natural and totally cruelty free, I was drawn to trying them. I can honestly say they are some of the best products I have come across and would totally recommend them to anyone looking for products with effective results.

My favourite range of theirs has to be Coconut due to its hydrating and smoothing benefits and I’ve now built up a skincare routine using several products with this ingredient in. It also whisks me away to paradise with its dreamy, tropical scent!

I start my morning with a refreshing cleanse using their Coconut Micellar Water. This is a quick and easy way to clear your skin of bacteria built up overnight and the strong scent of coconut perks me up. Micellar waters are also an ideal way of cleansing and hydrating your skin in one go, due to being packed with minerals and, when combined with Aloe Juice, they leave your skin feeling super soft!

After this, I like to give my skin more of a deep cleanse with their Coconut Oil Cleansing Balm. It’s formulated with coconut and almond oil, and the added touch of Beeswax creates a perfectly nourishing cleanser which melts into your skin. It comes with a coconut-infused sponge which allows you to gently exfoliate and, after rinsing with tepid water, I’m left with heavily moisturised and silky skin.

Coconut oil is known for providing long-lasting moisture and that’s what I love about the cleansing balm. To avoid clogging my pores with oil, I don’t want to apply heavy moisturisers after using the balm, so I simply spritz my face with their Coconut Mistified Moisturiser to finish off. This is the perfect way to add light hydration after cleansing but can also be used throughout the day if your skin begins to feel dry. The only warning I’d give is be prepared to get lost in a daydream…the gorgeously sweet smell of coconuts will have you dreaming of a tropical island!

In the evening I’ll always try to put aside some time to relax and sheet-masks are my new favourite way to do this. As the skincare products I predominantly use are from the Coconut range, I like to use the Ultra Hydrating Coconut Paper Mask. After cleansing with the Coconut Micellar Water, I leave the mask on for 10 minutes to allow the moisture to fully sink in. As there’s no harmful or acidic ingredients, this is perfect for calming and hydrating dry, sensitive skin. After 10 minutes, I use the sheet as a cloth and massage the excess fluid into my skin, just like a moisturiser. I can then happily go to bed feeling calm and cleansed, ready to dream of palm trees and the beach.