Yes To Real Life

Life is serious enough with the everyday pressures of work, university, relationships, money, body shape and everything in between. Coupled with the fact that we’re constantly comparing ourselves to a fake reality online.

Social’s great for staying in touch and sharing our lives. But the fact is we all know it’s not real life. It’s filtered, photoshopped, and carefully managed to show off a best side you just can’t match. Let’s face it, nobody ever puts a bad day on Instagram and sometimes it can be hard to separate the reality from the curated - and that can take a massive hit on your self-esteem.

So it's time to take a reality check

This year at yesto, we’re campaigning for everyone to take a step back and celebrate their individuality. #YestoRealLife is all about being yourself and getting back to reality, so we want to hear how you’re going to break the circle of self-doubt and feel more comfortable in your own skin.

And we’ll be playing by the same rules. We pledge to bring you real people, real testimonials and real results, modelled by women you can relate to. In doing so, we hope to give you the confidence to stop comparing and start living.

Say Yes To real life, Yes To real skin and Yes To the real you.

Join us and tell us how you are going to keep it real in 2019. See details below.

Join the movement
Take a few seconds to download and print our Real Life pledge card. Don’t have a printer? Run it out at work when Susan from HR isn’t looking. We won’t tell.
Write your Real Life pledge on the card. If you’re stuck, think about a little change you could make that would boost your self-esteem. Pledge to be more present, treat yourself better, spend more time with family, whatever – it just has to be something true to real life and the real you.
Hold your pledge high and snap a pic, then post it to our Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram with the hashtag #YestoRealLife
Let’s do it!
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